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 What do the newest studies show?

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PostSubject: What do the newest studies show?   Sun May 04, 2008 2:06 pm

What do the newest
studies show?

Heart Disease
Research from the United States, United Kingdom, and The
Netherlands suggests that the role of fruits and vegetables in
preventing heart disease is a protective one. Risk reduction was
estimated as high as 20 - 40 percent among individuals who
consumed substantial amounts of fruits and vegetables. People
who were already diagnosed with coronary heart disease were
able to reduce blockage modestly through exercise and an
extremely low-fat, vegan-like diet rich in fruits and vegetables.
A review by the World Cancer Research Fund and the
American Institute for Cancer Research concluded in 1997
that “diets containing substantial and varied amounts of
fruits and vegetables could prevent 20 percent or more of all
cases of cancer.”
The strongest evidence relates to stomach and lung cancer.
Other areas that show convincing results are the mouth,
pharynx, esophagus, colon, and rectum.
Studies involving patients who were taking dietary supplements
in place of fruits and vegetables were ended early due
to a higher mortality rate among the supplement users.
Researchers concluded that dietary supplements do not have
the same positive effects as eating real fruits and vegetables.

Diets that are high in insoluble fiber may offer the best
protection against this disease. Fruits and vegetables are
high in cellulose—a type of insoluble fiber.
Five studies have reported that high fruit and vegetable
intake can reduce the risk of a stroke by up to 25 percent.

Ya Allah Ya Rab Al`Almin Y a Rahmanu Ya Rahim Ya Rabi Let The Ummah Rise Again Let Us See Day Light A gain Once Again
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What do the newest studies show?
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