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 sister amy chooses islam

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PostSubject: sister amy chooses islam   Wed May 07, 2008 2:00 pm

salam dear sisters well today i came with an amazing topic wich is about our sis amy a university student .birmingham in england

Sister Amy was a student at Birmingham University. This video shows how she has become Muslim and interviews her family as they find out about her changing from Christianity to Islam. Her father and Brother speak about how she has changed positively. That she never used to like going out to clubs or getting drunk, she was always looking for a better way. Her family realise that she is a lot happier now that she has found Islam. Video also shows Amy discussing her previous life, her views on marriage, finding the right hijab and the way Muslims live.

Aminah's Story. A Revert Sister from England and her family. She explains how she became Muslim as a teenager, how she knows over 50 Muslim revert sisters like herself. The film is set just after the september 11 NYC terrorist attacks, and shows the family

Ya Allah Ya Rab Al`Almin Y a Rahmanu Ya Rahim Ya Rabi Let The Ummah Rise Again Let Us See Day Light A gain Once Again
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sister amy chooses islam
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