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 The Most Beautiful Women in the whole world

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PostSubject: The Most Beautiful Women in the whole world   Fri May 09, 2008 2:25 am

AsSalam o Alaikum Warehmatullah Wabarakatuh
Someone Asked me........What do u think.. Who is the most Beautiful woman in the world?

Miss world? Miss Universe? or Any Actress,Model ? ? ?

Well What do i think.......My views abt the most Beautiful women are......Well she should have some Qualities.......For example :

The Most attractive lips:
who always Speak words of kindness!!

The Most lovely eyes:
Which Seek out the good in people & Watch only these thing which r permitted in Islam!!

The Most Beautiful body figure:
Which is always covered according to Quran n sunnah!!

The Most beautiful hair:
Always covered with abayah!!

The Most Beautiful feet:
Which are Always Used in the way of Allah!!

The Most Beautiful hands:
The hands Which are used to feed poors ,& which are used to benefit Islam!!

The Most beautiful voice:
Which is used to Recite Quran in a beautiful way ,& is used to preach islam to mehrams or other women!!

The Most lovely face:
Which Always smile for the sake Allah,& which has the Noor of Islam!!

The Most beautiful heart:
Which Absorb Quran & Sunnah & implement them in life!!

If someone have these qualities....In My sight she is the Most Beautiful woman in the Whole World!!

May Allah give us (the Muslim women) these Qualities & make us Most Beautiful too...aameen.

Ya Allah Ya Rab Al`Almin Y a Rahmanu Ya Rahim Ya Rabi Let The Ummah Rise Again Let Us See Day Light A gain Once Again
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The Most Beautiful Women in the whole world
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