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 Interviews of Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar)

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PostSubject: Interviews of Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar)   Sat Nov 08, 2008 5:07 am

Interviews of Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar)

You can find all of Adnan Oktar's interviews with various Turkish and overseas media institutions, such as al-Jazeera TV, Germany’s ART television, Baghdad TV, the Albanian Vision Plus and Vatan TV, on this site. In addition, you can also access press conferences held at different times through this site. In these interviews, Adnan Oktar states that Muslims now have much greater ease of action, describing how the collapse of Darwinism has also broken the power of materialism, Marxism, communism, fascism and Freemasonry. He also adds that the developments taking place have given Muslims an intellectual victory and certainty. In one of these interviews, Mr. Oktar says that secularism represents an important element of social equilibrium, not just in Turkey but in all societies, and goes on to state that when secularism is applied in Turkey, people will be able to live in peace no matter what ideas they hold, and that there will be no tension, conflict or fight. He also describes how the annihilation of Darwinism has led to great ease among Muslims and that Islam is now spreading like wildfire, and also touches on the global impact of the Atlas of Creation.
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PostSubject: Re: Interviews of Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar)   Sun Nov 09, 2008 2:06 pm

thanks alot masha`allah may allah bless all muslim and guid us

Ya Allah Ya Rab Al`Almin Y a Rahmanu Ya Rahim Ya Rabi Let The Ummah Rise Again Let Us See Day Light A gain Once Again
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Interviews of Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar)
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