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 What Is The Solution To Israel-Palestine Conflict?

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PostSubject: What Is The Solution To Israel-Palestine Conflict?   Tue Jan 06, 2009 1:12 pm

As Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar) Has Stated, The Turkish-Islamic Union Is The Only Possible Salvation For Palestine And Israel

ADNAN OKTAR: I even think that Israel will be able to relax and trade freely and to the fullest extent in the region. There is step by step progress in that direction. I believe this target will be achieved in the near future. They will also find things easier and attain salvation within the Turkish-Islamic Union because Israel will be under the protection of the Turkish-Islamic Union. It will be freed from the problem of terror, from violence. Its walls will be torn down. At the moment, Israel is a kind of prison. It is surrounded by walls on all sides. Those walls will be brought down. Israel will be able to relax and trade with the region with no difficulty. The pressure on it will be lifted. And therefore the pressure that Israel puts on Muslim states, on Muslims countries, will also be lifted. An age of total peace and security will dawn. That is why I can say that the immediate establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union is the main and foremost question facing the world. (Al Baghdadi TV, August 5, 2008)
In his statements on the Palestinian-Israeli problem, Adnan Oktar stresses that the Turkish-Islamic Union is the only way to bring peace and security to the region, and that this will represent salvation, not only for Palestinian Muslims, but also for Israel. Mr. Oktar suggests that both sides treat one another with love and compassion, and says that everyone can live together as brothers in this land, that is sacred to all believers. He stresses that with the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union, the union will act as guarantor for everyone and will protect both Israel and Palestine. Mr. Oktar’s calls for moderation and love and the path he has shown have begun to have effect. The Palestinian side recently took out a full-page Hebrew announcement in the Israeli press stating that they were on the side of peace and wanted to see the peace plan made a reality straight away. One of the most striking aspects of the announcement was the flags of Muslim countries that decorated its border. The use of the flags of just about all Muslim countries in the announcement shows that the call for peace and brotherhood represents the voice of the whole Turkish-Islamic world and, even more importantly, indicates that the Turkish-Islamic Union is the force that will bring peace to the region.

One of the striking aspects of the reports on the subject appearing in the press is that they analyze the way that FOR THE FIRST TIME the Palestinian side has attempted direct dialogue with the Israeli people and the significance of turning to a democratic path.

ADNAN OKTAR: You will not be able to recognize the Turkey of the future. It will literally be a regional super-power, as a result of which Israel will be saved, Armenia will be in a better position, Palestine will be in a good position, and Israel will enjoy a peace and security it has never known before in its history. The Palestinian problem will be completely resolved. Turkey is the key to all this. And there is open demand for it. In other words, Iraq also wants it. Iraq in fact wants to unite with Turkey. In the same way, Syria also wants to unite with Turkey and wants Turkish administration. But as separate states, of course. They want Turkey to take over as a spiritual leader. And when Turkey puts it… (Kıbrıs Ada TV-August 1, 2008)

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What Is The Solution To Israel-Palestine Conflict?
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