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 Do I divorce him

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Do I divorce him Empty
PostSubject: Do I divorce him   Do I divorce him EmptyTue Jun 21, 2011 7:58 pm

Salam aleykom sisters,

I am looking for your opinion.

I am soo close to pack my and my son's bags and leave my husband.

It all started about 1.5 year ago. I found out that I am pregnant, that was shock but alhamdulillah I got used it idea very soon. About month later I found out that my husband is chatting to some woman online, he even went to see her to France on his way to Morroco where his parents live. I had read some of their conversation on skype and was shocked by reading how much he loves her and wants to be with her. No mention that he is married. I would never think that he as a muslim would do this to me, especially now when I was pregnant.
I wanted to leave him, but somehow gave him another chance, I will not accept another wife. To cut it short the same happend again with different women...these times they live in enland...i have my suspision that he has slept with them, but dont know it for 100 percent.
In january this year (about 1 year after the first one) I went with my son to my country for 1 month. After we got back, everything in my house was misplaced...I was puzzled why...and then I found on his mobile text message, called the number and the lady told me, that she is seeing my husband, was in our flat!!!, and there was no sign of my or my baby boy living there. So my husband had to move all our staff away...
After that I was really ready to divorce, I went to mosque to seek advice but the only what they told me is you can get divorce or you can stay with him. I knew that already. Because i was looking for advice on how to stay with him, or is it actually good to stay or something like that, so I was disappointed at the advice i got.
At the end I said last chance to him...but I didn't trust him. There is no marriage life in our relationship for about the same period as i have known he is chatting, cheating on me.
Yesterday I found out that he is friend on messanger with other woman...I am very sad and upsat and angry...I have tried to stay with him because of our son and also because I am little scared how am I gonna coop on my own with the little one. Alhamdlillah I started to work about 1 month ago and met a man at work (not Muslim) and we seem to be developing feelings.
My question is, is anyone in similair situation? or had been? I dont trust him any more and to be honest I dont want to live with him.
Please any opinion will be welcomed.
Yazakallah UmmElias
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Do I divorce him
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