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 Prophet Mohammad ( S.A.W ) Birthday...!

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new member

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PostSubject: Prophet Mohammad ( S.A.W ) Birthday...!   Sat Mar 15, 2008 9:59 pm

Greeting you everyone with the greeting of peace and jannah..
Assalamu Alikuma Wa Rahmatullahe Wa Barakatohuuu..
Lets cleberate it with praying and salwat...and pray for the muslim ummah...
Prophet muhammad (s.a.w) was the leader of the hole humanity...
He was the one who was sent from Allah to bring to us the true message of islam...
By passage of time islam crossed the borders and became the fastest growing religion...
allaho akbar we are muslims...and we should have a concrite plan to show the purity of muslims and convince them to join our religion..
islam is the way of life...its much more than building a career its life building...
i hope everyone will have the same sense to be a practical muslim
and struggle for unity of islam and muslims...
Please understand understand and understand islam..
we have a very limited time to live in this world
lets start it from now...
allaho akbar..
ahmed zubair zaki
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PostSubject: Re: Prophet Mohammad ( S.A.W ) Birthday...!   Tue Mar 18, 2008 1:08 am

JazakAllahu Khyr respected bro .
Alhumdulillah,its d greatest blessings n mercy upon us by our Lord Almighty Allah,who sent down our beloved Rasool sas to d whole of mankind n we this ummah s d luckiest cuz Allah selected us to be d ummah of our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa sas.We cant thank Allah enuf fr this beautiful n highest blessing.Our Rasool sas is our Heavenly Gift tatt Allah has bestowed upon us.Allahu Akbar!!
Let us all get united n celebrate this day of our Rasool sas wt salah n duas n send darood to our beloved Muhammad sas.

Happy mawlid-ul-Nabi to all my dear brothers n sisters in Islam

thanx fr this wonderful topic.
God bless u n ur family .
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Islamic Sister
Islamic Sister

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PostSubject: Re: Prophet Mohammad ( S.A.W ) Birthday...!   Sat Mar 22, 2008 2:56 pm

mashaallah bro your topic is gr8
may allah bless you
and you are right its our big honor and big pleasure to be muslim wallahi
no one can feel the sweetness of islam axept muslims

happy mawlid al_nabi to all brothers and sisters
thanks dear nami may allah bless you
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PostSubject: Re: Prophet Mohammad ( S.A.W ) Birthday...!   Sun Mar 23, 2008 2:11 pm


this is islam the religion of what the humanity need
happy mawlid nabawi to all muslim and to you recpected bro
realy your words are sooooo effective mashaallah
and i ask allah to give you and all muslims i big faith and iman in our hearts

mashaallah sis nami we should be united cuz allah has choosen the prophet mohamad to be our beloved prophet so we should be one hand to thank allah that he made us a part of this prophet nation
Sala allahu alaihi wa salam
baraka allahu fikom wa jazakum allahu khairan
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PostSubject: Re: Prophet Mohammad ( S.A.W ) Birthday...!   

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Prophet Mohammad ( S.A.W ) Birthday...!
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