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 the poorst person in paradise

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PostSubject: the poorst person in paradise   Sat May 03, 2008 10:01 am

We all want to go to Paradise and have a very nice home and position there, or, as it is called in the Koran and Hadith "rank" in Paradise.

To improve our chances of receiving a better place in Paradise we must first ask Allah to forgive us and then work hard doing such things as praying, being good, being kind, giving away something we love, and giving charity. There are lots and lots of other ways too, InshaAllah, the more we do Allah will forgive us and give us an even greater reward.
As I am sure you already know, not all ranks in Paradise are the same. There are many, many different levels of ranks, such as those of the prophets and martyrs. Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, will have the highest of all the ranks and will be the closest to Allah, Al Hamdulillah.
This story is about a question Prophet Moses, peace be upon him, asked Allah.
Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, told his companions that one day Prophet Moses asked Allah about the poorest man in Paradise. Allah told him that it would be a man who arrives after everyone has been given their home and reward in Paradise.
When the man arrives he will look and see there is no place left for him at all and will ask: "How can I enter when everyone has taken their place and received their gifts?" So he will be asked: "How would you like a kingdom of all the monarchs of the world?" "O yes, my Lord" the man will reply. So he will be told: "It is yours and its like, and its like again, and again, and again, and again!" The man will be so happy that he will exclaim: "O my Lord, I am content!" Whereupon he will be told: "Then, all this is for you, and ten times more. You shall have whatsoever your soul desires and whatever delights your eye." The man will be so overcome that he will exclaim: "O my Lord, I am well satisfied!"
Can you imagine it; the POOREST man in Paradise will have a home fifteen times larger than all the kingdoms of the world!
The homes in Paradise are too wonderful for us to even begin to imagine, but Allah does let us have a quick glimpse of them in the Koran. Even the most imaginative person in the whole world can never, ever, find words to describe the wonders and treasures of Paradise
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the poorst person in paradise
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